Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lynx Win Order for Steel Roof Trusses

Lynx Trusses recently won a large order to supply steel roof trusses to a national supermarket chain for commercial roofing. Against strong competition, Lynx Trusses won the order on quality, price and fast turnaround!

Steel roof trusses are becoming increasingly popular as they provide reliable, economical structural solutions for almost every roof or floor application and create a light, economical steel building component with exceptional load-span capabilities, providing clear spans in excess of 80 ft. Fabricated using TrusSteel components the trusses combine strength, stiffness, fire resistance, insect resistance and design flexibility.

Steel trusses offer architects, engineers, or contractors the flexibility and design advantages of wood trusses plus the proven material advantages of steel, in both residential and commercial applications – recyclability, high recycled content, moisture and insect resistance, increased strength-to-weight ratio and increased uniformity of material strength from member to member. When utilised in commercial applications, cold-formed steel trusses augment traditional steel framing to achieve fully non-combustible structures.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of the TrusSteel trusses makes them easier to handle and install, and because they are lightweight and stable during handling, one man can typically lift and carry a 35 to 40 foot truss by himself. Unlike some other steel trusses, TrusSteel trusses resist bending (or “butterflying”) when lifted on their sides and the 1-1/2″ chord section can be installed using many of the existing wood truss hardware applications and a full line of truss hardware exists for both chord sections.

Steel roof trusses with clear spans over 80 feet!
ARC trusses can clear span over 80 feet (depending upon configuration), overhangs or cantilevers are no problem and for tall roofs, the trusses can work in piggyback truss situations. For long spans, ARC steel trusses can be fabricated and shipped in sections and spliced at the job site. ARC trusses offer smoothly-curved (not segmented) top and/or bottom chords that make these trusses the perfect solution for framing curved roofs, arched or barrel-vaulted canopies, or any design element with an arc or radius curve.

Non-combustible TrusSteel trusses provide integral, recognized fire resistance that does not fade with time. Building codes often have requirements that building elements perform for a specific period of time when subjected to the elevated temperatures associated with a fire event, based upon the defined type of building/occupancy. One of these requirements is that the building element must withstand a fire event while supporting a specific load. Building assemblies containing TrusSteel trusses have been tested at UL, and these assemblies have been Listed as having 1 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 2 hour fire resistive properties TrusSteel has earned the UL Classification Mark as to its fire-resistive properties.

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